Self Storage or Pods?

Face Off: Storage Pods vs. Storage Facilities

We all have treasures. No matter what our age is, there will always be things that gleam with value in our eyes. For some people, those precious things are documents and equipment related to their jobs and careers. For others, they are furniture as well as kitchen and glass wares. Regardless of what your treasure is, though, it is of utmost importance that you choose a place where its safety is assured. Today, you have two great options: portable storage pods and self storage facilities. The only question is: which is better?

UNITS Storage better then PODS Storage

UNITS Storage better then PODS Storage


Storage pods are generally placed within your property or somewhere near your home. This allows you to access your valuables anytime you want, regardless if it is dawn, dusk, or midnight. Packing and storage of items becomes a lot easier as well since you are given the freedom to pack and transfer the items to the storage container at your own pace.
Contrary, storage facilities are built in specific locations. You can consider yourself lucky if your chosen facility is a stone’s throw away from your home. For most, however, accessing a storage facility means travelling for hours, following the company’s strict schedule, and walking the distance between your designated storage unit and your car—a tough deal if you are planning to store heavy items like appliances, machineries, and brimming boxes of documents


Since the storage pod is placed near your home, you can easily monitor it and check on the things you have stored in it. You can also generally vouch on the safety that the containers and their accompanying high-level locks offer. Of course, to better guarantee the security of your belongings, it will be essential for you to do the following:

• Choose a company that offers highly durable, streamlined steel containers. Do some research and look for testimonials and reviews that back up the company’s claims.

• If your lock is one that calls for a password, choose a combination that is complex yet holds a special meaning for you.


Storage pods are used in mobile moving. That means if you decide to transfer your valuables in another location, regardless of the reason, you can effortlessly do so. All you need to do is call your storage container provider, and its staff will do the moving for you.
Unfortunately, that is not the case with storage facilities. Instead, you will have to transfer your precious belongings from your storage unit to the new location by yourself. The sad thing about this is that it can take hours and even days. What about getting friends or hiring people to help you? Well, that is usually not possible; you can’t just get people to help you out since storage facilities are strict in giving entrance permissions to non-clients.


Price. This is deemed as a deal breaker by many who believe that being able to save a few dollars is top priority. However, when thinking about cost, price is not the only thing you should consider. Rather, you must also factor the time and effort an option costs you. After all, money is not the only important thing; that is why they say “time is gold.”
With those things in mind, we can safely say that storage pods are more affordable than regular storage facilities. Their actual price competes well with the price for storage facility units, but they offer minimal to zero hassle when it comes to security, storage, and retrieval.
So, are you still thinking of choosing storage facilities over storage pods? Think again, and you might just realize that the better choice for storage today really is mobile storage pods.

Cheap Portable Storage

Where to find cheap portable storage

Is there such a thing as cheap portable storage? Absolutely but you do not always get what you pay for in this highly competitive market. We have seen containers that had broken floors and walls, leaking roofs, mold, and non locking enclosures rented out for the same price as strong secure water tight metal sided solid containers. It pays to shop around and ask direct questions to verify that the storage unit you are renting will be delivered in top condition.

Is this a cheap portable storage container?

Is this a cheap portable storage container?

Rent cheap portable storage

Its easy to find cheap portable storage if you want. You can rent cheap storage from a variety of companies but beware that while the moving and storage industry is very price competitive, the quality of the storage containers and moving trucks varies a lot. You can rent the best quality storage containers at a competitive price from only one or two storage companies in the USA.

Rent to own cheap storage systems

I am often asked to recommend storage companies that rent to own portable storage pods so that customers can buy their own storage systems but pay for it on a low monthly payment. The companies I have found that offer this generally are selling off their old portable containers while making room for their newer units. You can buy these cheap if you pay cash up front, but when you rent to own a storage container you are paying as much for the loan of the money as you are for the container. My advise is to either rent a unit as you need to, or buy a used storage container outright.

Cheap Portable Storage — Relative terminology

If you are a millionaire and ask for something cheap, how much is that? If you are poor and ask for some cheap storage can you afford storage at all? My point is that asking for cheap portable storage is like asking for free sex, in the end you are going to pay one way or the other and often more then you bargained for. It is best when looking for quality storage units to pay a fair price and avoid the cheap portable storage solutions that are flooding the industry.